What will change when there are no more cookies?

s blog mar 01

Surely you have noticed (more than once) that, when entering a website, a little sign always appears informing you that that site uses "third-party cookies", and surely you accept it without thinking too much about it. But are you aware of what these cookies consist of? It is a system that collects data […]

10 Design Rules You Should Never Break

s blog feb 04 10 reglas del diseno

It is a fact: the visual is what first attracts our attention and arouses our interest. Even more so when we talk about a brand, its identity and public reception, design will be a fundamental tool. And, more than an element, it will be the base on which all our business campaign must be based. […]

The evolution of email marketing

s blog feb 03 evolucion del email marketing

Email marketing grows as the years go by, managing to cross more than one trend and providing a special way of communicating and promoting, since the beginning of digital strategies. 2021 is no exception: email marketing continues to be a powerful advertising tool today, if it is carried out well […]

Social Media Marketing: The Latest Trends

s blog feb 02 mtk en redes sociales ultimas tendencias

In recent times, the attention of marketers has focused on strategies for social networks. Platforms like Instagram and Linkedin have become the main sales and lead generation channels, and concepts such as content are still trending. Let's face it: social media marketing has come […]

The benefits of having a website

s blog feb 01 beneficios de tener una web

The website boom has passed, but nevertheless the pages have remained as the basic platform that a brand or company must develop if it wants to prosper. And it is that having a web page that communicates our proposal will be essential for several reasons. Let's see some of them. Authority, credibility and prestige Without going […]

Has the era of P2P marketing arrived?

s blog 04 mkt P2P

Regardless of its target audience, any company should use P2P strategies: person to person. For years, the distinction between companies, mainly within the marketing area, has been made based on the B2B and B2C concepts. B2B companies are those that sell their services to other companies, while B2C […]

How to do digital marketing for older people?

s blog 03 mkt para mayores

As a marketing knowledge base, each company must segment its marketing and advertising efforts according to the age, location and interests of its target audience, in order to find those who are its potential customers. However, for the "difficulty" of some brands, it often happens that a large part of the potential customers of a product or service […]

Storyscaping: learn to create worlds

s blog 02 storyscaping

Storyscaping is a strategy that has derived from common storytelling, since brands have needed to go further to differentiate themselves and achieve change in their consumers. Broadly speaking, it consists of a tool that allows you to build a world with solid and coherent experiences in all corners of marketing and […]

Digital marketing: keys to success in 2021

s blog 01 mkt digital claves para el 2021

A tough year for entrepreneurs and digital marketing is over. Within this profession, 2020 will remain like that year in which companies had to reinvent themselves to continue selling. Year in which marketing, once again, had to act quickly. Fortunately we have had at our disposal various tools […]

What is the relational marketing?

blog 12dic 4 Mkt relacional

Relationship marketing is one of the fundamental types of marketing that every project, venture or brand should implement if they want to consolidate a long-term trustworthy business. As its name indicates, these are actions and strategies that seek to establish a relationship with the consumer and the audience; a relationship of trust, [...]