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If you have a type of product, service or information to offer, a blog will be a great tool for you. It is a space on the web where you can upload content of any kind. Mainly, those blogs in which article-type content is offered are the most successful and the ones that achieve monetization. How is it possible to make sales or earn money through a blog? Offering relevant content related to your value proposition! Obtaining leads that later allow you to obtain new clients. 

For example, if you have a plant business, such as a nursery, creating a blog where you develop germination tips and information about plants will be a great driver for those users interested in reading your content to later purchase your products or services. business. 

And how do you reach people who are interested in your content? Through an SEO strategy! But let's go in parts. 

Next we will delve into these concepts and we will provide you with the main tools to be able to make sales with your blog.  

Define a buyer persona and address him 

It may seem logical, but this is a huge mistake that bloggers often ignore. Defining a buyer persona does not just mean knowing who our ideal customer would be, but literally developing a file about this type of person. 

Developing the characteristics of our buyer persona will allow you to get to know them more and also understand them more, aspects that will later help you create personalized content. 

Today there is so much information and offers on the web that it is unfeasible to address a sector in general, since this is very broad. Today it is about deepening and detailing our ideal client as much as possible, in order to focus on him. Only in this way will we achieve a good range.

In short, you may generate very good content and your articles may be really useful, but if they are not read by the right person, they will be useless!


Create a content strategy 

When you are clear about who your buyer persona is, how they behave and what they need, you can merge their interests with the queries you receive regarding your product or service, to generate valuable content. 

For example, going back to the example of the nursery, if you frequently receive in your networks the question of how often should a plant be watered? And you know that your buyer persona needs to keep their balcony plants alive, you know that an article about the best way to water plants in urban spaces will be valuable content for your users. 

This is a basic example, but it represents how you should guide yourself to create content: always based on an interest and a real need of your client. 

Within your content you can create series, chapters and continuation of topics, to always generate interest and guarantee that users will return to read you. It will also be a good strategy for you to generate evergreen content, that is, it is interesting both today and in a year and that it is not outdated on the web. 

Regarding the content, in addition, your articles can be accompanied by photos (if they are of you and your products or services, much better!) so that they are quickly related to what you offer and you can make sales visually. 

And don't stop connecting your blog with your other digital platforms. In fact, you can promote your blog on your social networks or website. If you have different means of communication for your business, they must all be linked and in all of them you must offer content that complements each other. 

The objective of this is that your digital platforms work together and that, like joining the parts of a puzzle, they help you make sales. 

Now you know: creating valuable content, directed in a personalized way towards a particular buyer persona, is the key to success in marketing.


Work on SEO and SEM 

We have reached the part that can really make a difference for you and increase your sales. 

SEO and SEM strategies are capable of making your blog appear among the first search results on the web, when a user searches for information. You will realize why they are tools to get sales! Millions of people search for content on search engines every day. 

SEM it is about paying ADS so that your website appears in the results. SEO It is about seeking to position there organically, that is, naturally. Although the latter has the benefit that it is free, it is not so easy to position yourself. In fact, you should invest in the creation of highly valuable content, in the good navigation of your blog and in an attractive and original design. But, if you have patience, you put dedication and you do things well, this is more than possible for you. 

If you want to start having visitors right now, you can choose to implement SEM while you develop your SEO, with patience. 

It means that you will get sales Through your blog when from there you offer valuable content that is directly linked to the products or services you offer, and that you manage to attract potential customer traffic to you.  

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