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If you are not already aware, Linkedin is a social network very strong and powerful. Yes, a social network with all that this concept implies, not just a platform to upload your resume and search for a job!

In any case, there is something certain about this: Linkedin is a professional social network. It is not the right space to upload photos with your friends, food or selfies, but it is the best place to publish and consume content related to your trade or profession.

Far from being forgotten, Linkedin has many active users every day, who publish content and interact with others. In addition, it offers an e-learning platform to take courses and specializations, so it is a tool to evolve in your career.

And yes, if you are looking for employment in the professional world, it is the best place to connect with employers and professionals.

In addition, as a result of this professional movement that it contains, Linkedin is the ideal channel for brands and companies to sell their proposal and also contact suppliers that may be of value.

Therefore, if you are looking to expand your sales horizon on the web, check the following steps.    


 1. Ask yourself: is Linkedin the right platform for your business?

This initial question will be essential. As with any social network, before venturing into it, it will be necessary to analyze if it is really beneficial for you to do so. Just as not all companies have the need to be on Instagram or Facebook, not all will be able to take advantage of Linkedin.

This will depend on your sector. In general, you should ask yourself if your clients are on Linkedin. For example, a brewery may not have many sales on Linkedin, since its target audience is not mostly there. On the other hand, a Marketing advisor will surely be able to find clients on Linkedin who want to obtain their services.

If your potential client is on Linkedin, continue with the following actions.


2. Create a good profile, with a clear value proposition

Your company or professional profile must be complete. On Linkedin it is important to fill in all the sections: name, description, experience, skills and education.

In your description you can briefly communicate your essence and objectives. Be ingenious to transmit it in a creative and captivating way, realizing your value and mission.

Then, in the experience and training sections, you can give an account of your knowledge. Use every resource on the platform to sell yourself. Having an interesting and developed profile will help you stand out on Linkedin.


 3. Create a network of valuable contacts

This will be a turning point on Linkedin. Here the network of contacts that one creates is highly valued, since it dates from your sector, your interests and your fields. If you work in Advertising, look to create connections with other Advertising people: agencies, companies, projects, teachers, copywriters, designers, trainees, schools, magazines.

The idea is that your startup is full of people from your industry, with whose content you can be inspired and communicate. In addition, this way it will be more feasible for you to find people who are interested in you and who will eventually buy your service.


4. Post content!

Through the content you must give an account of your knowledge, your proposal and your differentiation. You must be dynamic and constant in the publications, just like in any social network.

You can publish notes, as if they were for a blog, from your own profile, and thus communicate the benefits of the services you offer to attract new customers.


5. Communicate to build trust

Generating trust is the icing on the cake that, along with the rest of the aspects, will drive Linkedin to be a powerful sales channel for you, from which connections are generated.

To do so, try to communicate your proposal from a human side. Laid back, but always professional. Convey in your message that you are an expert in your profession.

One resource for selling that Linkedin offers is that you can send personal messages to the profiles you want, so you can talk to whoever you think may be interested in your proposal. To do this, create a paragraph that engages, does not bore, and communicates the real benefits of what you offer.

Maybe the sales don't come directly from Linkedin, but the connections What you do there will create recommendations and referrals that will expand your customer network. 

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