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Today's businesses have a lot to gain by offering their services over the Internet. So the time has come for you to know how to sell a product online!

Due to the great advances in telecommunications, today it is not enough to have a physical location open to the public to have a successful brand. In other words, if a business seeks to expand, it is essential that it become friends with the industry e-commerce. For this reason, we consider it essential to talk about how to sell a product online.  

Hundreds of studies carried out from surveys of netizens resolved that the trend of the virtual market is increasingly on the rise. This means that if we have a company and we want it to continue growing,  It is not enough to have a single sales channel.

Today's buyer demands the presence of brands in the online world. The Internet is a space where the vast majority of people spend a large part of their day. It is the most dynamic access to find answers to the needs and interests of any consumer. 

Before understanding how to sell a product online, let's talk about its advantages

To know how to sell a product online, it is necessary to internalize, first, that the user should receive a rewarding experience. From the first moment in which the potential client generates contact with our brand, they have to feel that they are properly cared for and valued.

Selling online not only facilitates this exchange, but also positions the brand and, if done efficiently, gives it a differential. A company that sells its products and services over the Internet implies that it is a business open 24 hours a day, every day of the year and that represents a benefit for consumers. 

In addition, online sales makes it possible to target audiences from different locations, since there are no geographical limits for the purchase. Unlike a physical location, warehouse or showroom, the fixed costs of an online business are much lower since they do not require a space to offer the products.

On the other hand, the options to sell online are varied. There are more and more platforms that are dedicated to containing online stores, and they are very diverse according to the needs and particularities of each brand.

To strengthen the path of how to sell a product online, it is key to avoid saturation of your company's product and service offers. It is convenient to choose which channel is (mailing, web, social networks, etc.) that is better prepared for direct sales and closer to your ideal customer. 

Apply this strategy diversify the content It will give more consistency to your brand image and will help to simplify the internal processes of each sale. 

Our virtual shop window 

We already understood that there are many advantages of our brand being on the internet and this goes hand in hand with the implementation of marketing strategies content to deliver efficient messages and not waste valuable time and resources. 

Once we already have a presence in the digital world, we must be aware that learning about how to sell a product online is not far from knowing what it is like to run a business in the "real" world. It is necessary, first of all, to consult with professionals to be sure that we comply with certain legal and tax requirements according to the legislation of the country in which we are. 

On the other hand, we have to have an exclusive online sales channel for the brand and keep in mind that this will be our virtual stained glass window. It must be constantly updated, clean of errors and dynamic. 

As in any business, we must do everything possible to make this "window" showy and attractive. This in the digital world translates into generating the necessary content to arouse the interest of users to visit our page

Also, it's important apply conversion strategies of visits so that this approach of the users derives in interaction with our brand and, finally, in purchases of our products and services. 

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How to sell a product online?: memorize these phases

To understand how to sell a product online and exponentially increase the turnover of our business, it is advisable to implement the funnel or sales funnel.

The sales funnel indicates the steps that a potential client has to go through from the first moment they contact your brand, until the sale is made. As brand owners, we are responsible for designing that funnel, those phases of the sale, to achieve our goals. 

Phase 1: Attract visitors

The first step to achieve the success of any online business is to attract visitors. Without people interested in the product, there are no sales. To achieve these visits, it is essential to generate traffic in the online sales channel generating value content make it attractive for users and to get them to choose our channels and over the thousands of others that exist in the digital world. 

The people that we must attract are the ones that can actually be interested in our products and services and can become customers. That is, those that continue to travel the sales funnel.

Phase 2: Convert to sales

Once you have implemented the strategies to attract qualified visits to your online sales channel, you will notice how the traffic of your business begins to increase. That is, you will see that there is more user interaction with your channels. From here, we will already be understanding how to sell a product online by going through the next phase of the funnel: the conversion of those visits into sales.

This is achieved, for example, by a good user retention strategy, offering a friendly, complete and intuitive virtual channel and dynamic and empathetic customer service. 

Phase 3: Retain customers

If the potential client makes a purchase, it means that we are on the right track with respect to the sales funnel and we remain within the objective of every brand: to sell more and more products and services. 

Now it's time to retain those new customers, to get them to choose us again and, in the ideal scenario, to recommend us and become "promoters of our 

brand". There are several customer service and marketing strategies that can be used to complete this last phase of the sales funnel. 

Recommendations for your business if you don't know how to sell a product online

The concept of how to sell a product online is directly related to the digital business design. One of the secrets to selling successfully online is to offer the products in the most attractive and complete way possible. 

When the potential client visits the online channel, this should get your attention, it must be impressive so that the user wants to stay on the page and arouses their interest in the brand. It is also necessary to add a series of elements that can help convert visits into sales. 

Main page, products and identity 

Before focusing on how to sell a product online, it is important to pay attention to the visual criteria of the brand: the design of the digital sales channel has to represent its identity. Colors, images, typography, etc. they should be in coherence with the professional essence of the company

Also, it is beneficial to use the main page to communicate promotions or news through videos or interactive banners. The products must be clearly visible and, fundamentally, organized into categories and subcategories.

Product photos and descriptions 

Images and item descriptions are essential tools because, without them, the customer could never be defined by the purchase. That is why  product images and descriptions require our full attention and creativity

The user needs clear and complete information about what you are viewing on the screen because you don't have the chance to play it live. It is essential that the specific measures, materials, usefulness, etc. be reflected on the page. depending on the article that we are presenting. 

The Product photographs must be of excellent quality and they must be taken from different angles. If the images show the product in action, that is, being used by a person, much better. 

Useful information about the products

Many times, the lack of information about the items offered is one of the reasons why users give up buying and this must be taken into account when embarking on the task of learning how to sell a product online. 

It is important to minimize this risk by incorporating on the web all relevant information of the products so that the user has as few doubts as possible. An example of this is the size chart for clothing sales. 

Means of payment and shipping

The means of payment and shipping are usually the biggest concern of consumers. It is a priority to ensure that the information on this point is complete in your online store to ensure that the modality meets your needs.  

Trust, your best strategy to learn how to sell a product online

The saying “clear accounts keep the friendship” is applicable to digital commerce. The trust It is an essential factor to understand how to sell a product online and to retain customers. 

If a user enters our online store and finds all the relevant information in advance, they will not hesitate to leave their card details with complete nonchalance. 

In order to achieve that trust and for potential customers to believe in the brand and buy the product, we need to work on humanize digital channels. A good measure to achieve this is, for example, to incorporate a section that talks about the people behind the company. 

The well-known "Who we are" is a great alternative for users to know that behind the screen there are people with first and last name who put effort and work into it and care that customers have the best experience, and that gives peace of mind. 

The same effect can also be achieved by means of a flap indicating return and exchange policies  and frequently asked questions or “Q&A” in the online store. This content must be clear, concise and must not create further confusion. It is relevant information so that users know, from the beginning, the most important thing if they decide to buy our articles. 

Let's remember that to get to the moment of dealing with how to sell a product online, we must have as a mantra that Good customer service starts from the moment a netizen finds our channels and knows our brand.

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