Dark social: a new door for marketing

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Dark social are those unknown "visitors", we do not know where they come from. It is a kind of invisible traffic of which we do not know the origin.

In it inbound marketing, measurements are fundamental, since with them we can get to know the user in depth, test the actions we take to generate an impact and know how it reaches our brand. Knowing where the user who interacted with us comes from is essential to successfully complete our strategy. When we do not know where the user comes from, we are facing a case of dark social

What is dark social and what does it consist of?

Users of a website of unknown origin are part of the dark social. For example, the content that is sent by email from one user to another, chats that are generated between users or text messages. The traffic generated by this type of users, depending on various factors, can reach up to 50%. In addition to its volume, which is a lot, this unknown traffic can come from a recommendation or mention.

In dark social traffic, it is very difficult to determine from where these URLs are referenced or linked, since they are non-traceable links, due to the absence of "metadata".

What is the Dark Social audience?

We all partly participate in the social dark in our day, since we share content with our friends by WhatsApp, direct messages from Twitter or Instagram, or through email. How many times have we shared a link to an article that we liked with a colleague or friend, through WhatsApp or by email? Surely many times, so we are part of the dark social, as well as thousands more.

Why make dark social part of the strategy

Although it is difficult to measure, dark social must be made part of the strategy for several reasons:

  • It has a huge impact on your website traffic. As we already said, it could represent up to 50% of the total traffic.
  • It is closely related to mobile traffic. Most of the “click darks” in recent years have come from mobile phones. And it continues to grow.
  • It serves to reach new segments: consumers aged 55 and over only share content through dark social, so it can be a great opportunity to reach the public less adept at social networks.
  • Great “one to one” marketing opportunity. Almost all dark social visits come from direct recommendations, through "word of mouth", and this is one of the most valuable sources of traffic, since it involves credibility and trust in the brand. It means that it is recommended, mentioned.

 Boost your website, siding with the Dark Social. How to do it?

  • Includes share buttons on all content exercise in the first week of the cycle the level of your page, as visible and clear as possible. Make sure the “follow” and “share” buttons are visible
  • Shorten the URLs: the simpler and more intuitive they are, the better. So that users who want to use them don't have to copy a bunch of characters.
  • Create segments in Analytics: web analytics has a lot of options to segment and identify traffic. Consult an expert to help you on the subject and achieve results.


As far as marketing strategies are concerned, they are so dynamic that, sometimes, we have no choice but to adapt to these changes quickly so as not to generate losses for the company, and act accordingly. Always being flexible and adding value through content will help to get better feedback from users.



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