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Did the pandemic paralyze your business? Did you have to adapt to the situation and make internal changes? Have you realized the relevance of digital marketing? In this article we are going to propose some business success strategies that do not require much investment.

The digital marketing trend had exploded long before the pandemic, in fact, since the internet era, which is almost a need for brands and companies to grow, attract new customers and build an online audience around your business.

But its relevance has now increased even more, since it forms the only opportunity to continue selling. Not only from the corporate side, but the clients themselves have become accustomed to a new mode of purchase: purchasing your products digitally.

The following mkt strategies, if carried out well, will undoubtedly generate reach and conversion for you. Their benefit also consists in the fact that they are low cost strategies, that is, they do not require much capital investment.

  • Create a website.

If you are a brand or company and you want to function in the digital world, it will be necessary for you to have a website for several reasons.

Having a site indicates that you are a business that exists, that you are serious and not a ghost on the web. In other words, it grants reliability, something very important in digital marketing today.

But beyond that, it is the space in which you can develop what you do, what type of products or services you offer, how you present them, how you differ from your competition, etc. Let's say that it is the ideal space to present yourself as a solution and opportunity.

Ultimately, the site will be the foundation of your other platforms. If you have social networks or a podcast, you can link the link to your site from them, so that users go there to learn more about your brand. Likewise, you will generate traffic between your communication channels.

In short, a website will be necessary to become a reference and establish your authority online. Therefore, if your business does not yet have a website, you can start here to consolidate your digital marketing.

  • Set up an e-commerce.

In this other post we saw all the benefits that an online store brings us: *article link*. The good thing is that you can link it to your site and your other web platforms. Mainly, an e-commerce store offers a greater shopping convenience to the user, something we must look for.

Furthermore, it is a fact that stores online encourage you to buy more, since they present the products in an easy and neat way. So, create an e-commerce, work to advertise it well on your website and networks, and you will see how sales begin to grow.

  • Develop a blog.

Within your website, in turn, you can add a blog section. What will this do for you?

Well, to write notes and articles that are related to your activity and thus search position in search engines. On the other hand, you can attract more customers from that you show yourself as an expert in your area.

The blog is a very good tool for brand authority. Make sure to create good articles, written for easy understanding, and answer your customers' questions.

You can even start a blog by answering the frequent questions that you receive from your users.

  • Manage social networks

It is essential that you have social networks active, in which you offer quality content. Check out our post on the best content marketing strategies: *article link*.

Your management modality may vary according to your industry and activity, but social networks today are the main sales channel, so it is essential that you find yourself in them, especially in the networks that your audience uses.

Discover the way that works best for you generate interaction and create an online community. This will boost your business.

  • Email marketing.

Another digital marketing tactic to connect with customers online is to venture into create a newsletter, through email marketing.

To do this, you must have customer leads and potential customers, of which you have an email list. Then, you can agree on a series of shipments where you send them news about your company, exclusive offers or simply the notes you were writing on your blog.

Email marketing is a very good way to retain customers and in addition to establishing yourself as an authority, since it is a solid activity of a company with scope and experience.

  • Find mentions.

That is, looking for other people to name your brand, product or service, as a promotion strategy. How? Well, there are many ways.

You can create a strategy for increase your referral traffic, that is to say, that traffic that arrives to your website from the backlinks, from links of other pages that are mentioning you. This will boost your SEO and help consolidate your digital presence.

Another way to get mentions is to look for them on social networks. For this, you can work with influencers of your industry.

This last strategy is not necessarily low-cost, since the value is set by each content creator and therefore will depend on each case. But with some influencers you can even work with exchange.

One piece of advice: before starting a contract with an influencer, make sure that their recommendation will be good for your business; That the users that this content creator can attract to you are potential customers for your brand. If you own a liquor company, it will be useless for you to work with a fashion influencer.

  • Create small collaborations.

As a last strategy, we propose that you carry out small partnerships with friendly companies and brands. They can take out a product together, an offer, hold a raffle, etc. Mainly also in networks, this will be a benefit, both to make sales and to have more visibility.

For example, if you are a brewery, partnering with another in your area to run a giveaway will benefit both accounts.

And don't limit yourself to your area! You can create small collaborations with companies that are not from your specific category, but that can contribute. For example, again, if you have a brewery, do a collaboration with a manufacturer of glasses and glasses.

The idea is that you business be mentioned by others. This will make your reputation grow.


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