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Nowadays, it is not enough to simply have a portal of your brand in which you upload the information of your company, the characteristics of your products or services and the way of contact. In addition to having that, it is essential that you implement different strategies to enhance your website.

These practices will help you increase online traffic, increase user conversions and encourage the growth of your business. In this article we tell you everything you need to know to boost your business portal.

6 strategies to grow your website

Do you want to have a successful online portal? Write down these tips that will help you achieve it.

Publish targeted content to your buyer persona

Your website must attract the attention and arouse the interest of those users who may become potential customers or, in the future, regular or captive customers. For this reason, when creating content it is essential that you understand the motivations, desires, aspirations, problems and fears of the people you want to question.

On the other hand, A blog is a vital element for a site because in addition to disseminating articles of interest to buyer personas, it encourages public participation through comments.

Create a simple, attractive and responsive design

When designing your brand portal, leaves aside those elements that do not provide information and can distract visitors, such as music or sounds that play spontaneously. Also, do not clutter the pages with graphics, images, audio, video or very long texts.

If you want to enhance your website, you need to create a portal that is attractive but at the same time simple and easy to navigate for any type of user who decides to enter it.

On the other hand, your website must be responsive. What does this mean? It must be able to be viewed correctly and completely through smartphones, tablets and notebooks or desktop PCs.

Consider the user experience (UX)

In addition to the user interface (UI), which includes the design of the web pages to which we have just referred, it is essential that your site consider the user experience (UX), that is, how visitors feel when browsing for the content.

Your objective should be to create a website that meets the specific needs of each visitor, improves the perception of the brand and establishes a solid link with the company.

Register your business in the Google My Business tool

Still don't know this functionality? It is a platform where the managers of each firm complete a business file that integrates with other tools, such as Google Maps.

In addition to increasing the visibility of the business, Google My Business is an excellent tool to boost your website, since it helps to improve SEO positioning, increase traffic and drive conversions.

Optimize loading time

The time it takes to load a web page is closely related to the rate of permanence of users. The longer a website takes to load its content, the greater the chances that visitors lose patience and close the site tab. To prevent users from leaving your portal, make sure your pages load in no more than 3 seconds.

Offer users instant forms of communication

Once they have read all the content found on your portal, many visitors will want to establish instant communication with your brand.

Of course they can send an email, complete a contact form or enter social networks, but to really enhance your website it is essential that you offer them simpler options.

Place a chat or WhatsApp on your portal where users can see the opening hours and know if they are going to get an immediate response or not, without leaving the page.

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