The 9 steps that cannot be missing in your Instagram strategy


Planning an Instagram strategy that boosts your business is easier than you think. How can you use the resources of this social network?

Let's say you spent a huge chunk of your time researching the available platforms to land on with your brand. After a lot of exploring, you decided that the app with a thousand photos was the one for what you want to achieve. So we can say that your marketing plan is already beginning to take shape and move. Now it's time to establish what will be the strategy for Instagram that you will apply and what tools will help you carry it out. Buckle your seatbelt! We are going to take a walk through those aspects that you should take into account when you start. 

1. Switch to a business account 

This is the first thing you should do with your Instagram strategy. If you are a business or an entrepreneurial professional, having a business account will offer you many benefits. From the possibility of seeing your statistics, and thus measuring your results, to the option of adding purchase tags to your publications. You can also add a contact button and make announcements to reach more people. Although its potential is even greater. 

If you don't know how to go from a personal profile to a professional one, don't worry. It is very simple and we are here to help you. You will simply have to go to the configuration part and select the 'account' option. Once there you will notice that at the end of the list the 'switch to professional account' button will appear. Done! We are ready to continue.

2. A strategy for Instagram needs objectives

All marketing plan requires objectives to come true. The same happens with the strategy for Instagram. Many times we have talked about the importance of establishing realistic, specific and measurable bases that guide the ongoing project.. With the previous aspects you will be able to build a positioning of your brand before the audience and, above all, the competition. Also, if you are not clear about the results you want to achieve, it will be difficult for you to achieve coherent content in your publications. 

What made you decide on this platform, what would you like to achieve there? Where do you want to go? How would you like to find yourself in 5 months? The answers will be useful to outline the actions you will carry out. Just write them down somewhere where you can keep them in mind at every step. And don't forget: before making any move, ask yourself if it aligns with the Instagram strategy you've set for yourself. 

3. How well do you know your audience?

Whatever you do with your Instagram strategy never lose sight of your target audience. The success of your brand will depend to a large extent on you learning to read the interests and needs of the audience. Although this information should not represent anything new to you, it never hurts to refresh your memory.

If you got here it is because you already have the previous steps of your marketing plan. But if you want to define your strategy for Instagram you will have to Think deeper about what your followers want to see. In this way you will be able to produce quality content that gains repercussions among people. Also, it will be of great help when segmenting the ads in the application. Thus, you will be able to access the ages, locations and tastes that you have in mind for your brand. 

4. Develop a complete and interesting profile

Part of your Instagram strategy should include quality time dedicated to optimize your brand bio. It is about ensuring that the user who enters your profile knows the second who are you, what do you do and where do you do it. To do this, you must leave important information within easy reach. 

Use the featured stories to your advantage! There you can post useful information for your client. For example, frequently asked questions such as if you ship, how your product can be purchased and the category of the business. It also makes call-to-action buttons available so they know how to contact you.

Also, your image and biography have to be aligned with your brand identity and be interesting. Your username on Instagram, without going any further, must contain the name of your business. It is that the profile is a very important part of the strategy for Instagram. If you make it attractive and easy to understand, it can make a difference in your sales..

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5. Improve your Instagram strategy with valuable content

If it is your strategy for Instagram, it will be advisable that you focus on creating visual, audiovisual and textual content. That is, that you combine photos, graphics, videos and texts in an organic way. But stop there, that youyou will have to think about it if you want to captivate the audience. As we said earlier, posts can be a hit as long as they are targeted to potential customers.

Consider it the ideal opportunity to display your production and creativity skills. All the designs and graphic templates that you make will have to bear the aesthetics of your brand. The same happens with the tones and messages that you write the texts, since they must correspond to the personality of your business. In short, we want posts to scream for themselves where they came from. And that users identify that it is your brand without even seeing the name in the image. This is only achieved by generating content in a conscious and unified way. 

6. Implement engagement into your Instagram strategy

Think of your content in such a way that it includes enough spaces for interaction. Make your audience participate in what is going to be published through your account. This can be through voting and polls in the stories or asking directly what they would like to see. At the same time, pay attention to the comments they leave you and make sure that the answers are up to the mark. Whether it's with solutions, funny returns, emoticons or liking them.

Keep in mind that if your audience interacts it is a sign that your content is good. Remember to check the tags that your followers make to the account and share them generating a round trip. In addition, this will also serve as a free promotion to your brand. Finally, propose a call to action in your texts that invites the public to share experiences or reflections. These are just a few ways to implement interaction, but believe us, there are many more. 

7. Don't miss the hashtags

What can we say about our good friends the hashtags? First of all, what they are not a decorative element at the end of your posts. Thinking seriously about your Instagram strategy is also about incorporating this resource. 

A hashtag, in case you don't remember, are the words accompanied by a number sign that act as a label. But not about accounts but about topics that are being talked about around the world. So if you use two or three of them strategically you can gain excellent visibility and increase the audience.. In fact, there are websites that make your search easier and tell you which are the most popular based on the theme you need. 

8. Implement advertising 

If your account is already up and running and the content plan starts working, it's time to go a step further. We mean that you implement the paid instagram ads. This will be the element that makes your channel shoot without going crazy trying. It is that the same social network provides you with all the necessary tools to promote your publications. 

During this process you will be able to segment your audience according to their location, age and interests, and also your budget.. For example, it will be possible for you to schedule campaigns for as many days as you want, even if it is only for one. Likewise, the application facilitates monitoring the promotion through statistics. So it will show you its reach, how many users it has reached so far and it will divide them according to various usefulness criteria. 

We recommend that you start small, and that promotions different publications at the same time. Thus, it will be easy for you to analyze which one performed better and continue in that direction. There is no guaranteed formula for network advertising, as this will vary by business and content. Therefore, you must find your own formula for success, with patience and dedication. 

9. Stick with the stats 

We reached the end of our instructable to help you put together your Instagram strategy. And we can't fire you without a quick chat about the benefits of analytical tools. As we said above, these will show you whatWhich actions implemented had the best and worst repercussions among your target audience. Which will provide immense help to listen to customers and modify in time what is necessary.

Do not be afraid of them, self-criticism is better than stubbornness when it comes to marketing and your brand. Also, you might be surprised and find an excellent response to your content. But to find out, you will need to use Instagram Insights, which is within the application and is very easy to use. 

You only have to have the company account activated and go to the right side, where the statistics section will be. Once there, you can search through your posts and see how many people save them or how many new followers you gained in a given time. Also, it will allow you to access the number of times a post was viewed and the times that best perform among your audience. Go ahead and try it, there is much more for you to discover!

Did you like this article? I hope it has helped you take advantage of all the potential that Instagram has to offer. Not for any reason it is one of the most popular applications for several years. Now you can feel safer and move more fluidly between your tools. See you soon!

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