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There are some actions and strategies that, as B2B company, you can implement to position your business. 

Although all the common digital marketing strategies will bring you benefits, the ones that we list below are those that you should in no way stop doing, if you want to stand out from your competition.


have a website 

Having your own website as a basic, first and main fundamental tool. If you don't have a site, you almost don't exist at all in your market. This platform must exist and it must be reflect what your company does and why; that is, its mission, vision and products or services. 

Today this element is essential, since if a potential client does not find you on the web, they will think that you are a ghost or, naturally, they will choose another company about which they can access more information digitally. 

On your site you should offer all the information related to your business in an easy and attractive way. The design should complement the hard information and drive the reader to the “I want to know more” button. 

In addition, through a website you can measure your traffic to know what kind of users are those who come to you and how long they stay in each part. With this information you will be able to improve the sections and the content that you offer there. 

When you already have a website armed with this data, you can also add a blog section and even work to position in search engines, through SEO and SEM strategies. This for B2B companies is a very powerful tool, since it will allow you to exponentially increase your reach.


Here are some considerations about what a B2B company website needs:


  • Relevant information. Answer the questions of what, who, how and where.
  • attractive design, neat and closely linked to the corporate image of the company.
  • To be mobile-friendly! Today it is essential that your site can be opened from mobile phones and that it navigates well from there.
  • option of chat or direct contact.


Are you on Linkedin? 

Just as you must work on your site, you must not neglect the social networks. Depending on which industry your business is in, you may want to develop one or two particular social platforms. 

However, most B2B companies can get the most out of the social network. Linkedin. This is the network for professionals and from there many entrepreneurs, companies and brands manage to connect with other companies to which they sell their services. For these topics, Linkedin is the platform par excellence. 

And, even if you don't use it for the purpose of finding clients, We recommend that, if you are a business, you find yourself on Linkedin, so that you exist in the professional industry. Develop a complete and serious profile in this network, and start connecting with professionals and other companies in your sector. This will increase your relevance in the industry.


Meetings, congresses, events 

These types of arrangements are very common in the B2B sector, do not be left behind in them. Organize events to offer news about your company or to discuss topics in your industry. 

Although nowadays groups of people are not recommended, you can very easily give online talks and put together a digital congress. This will allow you to come into contact with both clients and strategic links. Said strategy is about being there, in the trend of your industry.   

And, ultimately, digital marketing for B2B companies consists of position your company relative to your competition. To do this, use all the digital tools that give you brand relevance, authority, engagement and promotion.



As we said, the objective of your strategy should lie in positioning yourself. Both in search engines and in your industry and also in digital media. To achieve this, you will of course have to Implement a content strategy. 

Where? On your website, in your networks, at events, as we describe in this note. create a strategy circular that covers these aspects, in a conscious and worked way, and little by little you will begin to notice the difference in your results.  

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