What is c-commerce and how can it boost your brand?

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Regardless of the field in which you dedicate yourself, if you have a company in which you sell products or services, you know perfectly well that, in recent years, a large part of the public has turned to online shopping.

according to a report made in January 2021, during 2020 retail e-commerce worldwide grew by 27.6% compared to 2019, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. It should be noted that Latin America registered an increase of 36.7% during this same period.

Now, not all online sales are reduced to electronic commerce. There is another tool that allows you to connect with customers, market products and services and boost the profitability of your company: c-commerce. We tell you what it is about.

What is c-commerce

Also known as conversational commerce, it is a business model in which the purchase or sale of a product or service is carried out through instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.

Because it is done through communication platforms, c-commerce can also operate as a form of contact between a company and its customers to achieve different goals.

Although the e-commerce brings numerous benefits for companies, it is important to bear in mind that, in order to use electronic commerce platforms, it is necessary to have adequate technological devices and possess the necessary knowledge to navigate through these interfaces.

For this reason, c-commerce is presented as an ideal alternative when the public does not have advanced devices or experience to use e-commerce platforms or marketplaces.

Advantages of implementing c-commerce in your company

Conversational commerce is an excellent strategy to position your brand, improve the relationship with consumers and boost your business. You want to know why? Check out the benefits of starting it up.

Improve user experience

Since customers can ask open questions about the characteristics of products or services through instant messaging platforms with the certainty that their questions will be answered.

Consequently, c-commerce improves the user experience and optimizes the positive perception of the brand.

Create a family atmosphere for customers

Due to the fact that both the queries and the transactions are carried out in recognized interfaces whose operation they know perfectly well.

This point is particularly important for that portion of the public that is neither tech savvy nor interested in trying out new platforms.

Personalize sales

Conversational commerce creates a personalized experience for each customer. Thanks to this business model, consumers can ask questions they consider necessary before making a purchase decision.

Has availability 24/7

Thanks to the use of chatbots, which consist of predetermined answers adapted to user queries and questions, c-commerce allows you to provide attention at all times and offer immediate attention, improving customer service.

 Save time

And it improves the perception of the brand that users have, since their needs are resolved in a short time and effectively.

Keep in mind that customers expect immediate responses and that any kind of delay can mean the loss of the sale.

Generate cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

Since conversational commerce offers the possibility of speaking with the customer directly, it is an ideal instrument to offer a similar or complementary product or service to add to the original sale.


C-commerce is a marketing model that you cannot fail to include in your company's marketing strategy since it personalizes the user experience, creates sales opportunities and boosts the profitability of your business.

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