What is a lead and why are they so important?

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If you are interested in the world of digital marketing, surely more than once you have heard the concept of lead. Or, likewise, you will have read sentences like generate leads, get leads, convert leads into customers. But do you understand what this term is about and why it is so important to you, being a company, an entrepreneur or a marketer? 

In this post we will solve these doubts. First of all, we will have to clarify the following: a lead actually refers to a person. A real person? Of course, but in principle a digital person, that is, a user.   

Without going any further, surely you yourself have been a lead more than once without knowing it. More than once you have probably browsed a website or an e-commerce store, taken a look at the products, checked their price and description and, perhaps, left the site thinking about not buying anything or considering doing so later. 

Well, in this way you have become a lead for that online store: a potential customer. And this is the basis of all leads. All those users who have entered the purchase cycle, but have not progressed through it, are leads.


Why is the lead important?

The relevance of the lead responds to the fact that it makes up a user who is guaranteed to be interested in your product or service, since they have spent some time paying attention to it. So, its importance lies in the fact that you are closer to becoming a customer (that is, making that purchase) than another user.

Yes, ultimately, a lead is a potential customer. And we already know that our mission in marketing is to continually grow our list of potential customers through our strategies. Therefore, leads are something that we must look for with sales funnel campaigns, advertising strategies, SEO and SEM, community networks, etc. 

But, of course, we will also find that there are different types of customers who visit our site. Not everyone will be interested in us in the same way, even some may have fallen by mistake or simply out of curiosity. 

In this way we will have cold leads, those who have entered our site and have quickly left; warm leads, those who have been visiting us for a while, but have not made a purchase; and warm leads, who have started the buying process, but have not finished it.


How to generate leads? 

Here are three guidelines. 

  1. Know your client and your potential client. Keep in mind who your buyer persona is and what they want or need. In this way, you will be able to create personalized campaigns and strategies that explicitly attract their attention and interest.
  2. Carry out promotions and advertising. Even more when we talk about websites or e-commerce stores, we need to implement some advertising. This can be carried out from the same website, through SEO and SEM strategies; or from other platforms such as social networks or email marketing, from which you can carry out a content campaign with the aim of driving traffic to your site and from there getting leads.
  3. Offer personalized customer service. Your communication and service must stand out from your competition, so that the leads reach you and there are really possibilities that these users become your customers.


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