What types of web traffic are there?

In digital marketing, when it comes to knowing and analyzing the public of a website, it is not enough to know how many users have visited the page, but it is important to investigate where they come from. Identifying the different types of web traffic and measuring them will allow you to segment the message and recognize which are the actions that are working best to achieve the objectives of the campaign.

This tool is a source of information that is based, as its name suggests, on the analysis of visits to the website. Let's get to know a little more about her!

Why is it important to analyze web traffic?

Identifying, analyzing, and researching the types of web traffic is important to digital marketing for several reasons. First, lets see the amount number of actual visits to the site during a given period of time. This figure can be directly related to performance, so that it allows to know if the executed actions are being effective. At this point, it must be possible to distinguish between the total and the number of unique visitors, since it is possible that the same person has accessed several times.

Secondly, this tool highlights the quality of the public. To do this, the behavior of the user is taken into account, the time they were on the website, the pages they visited, the number of clicks and interactions they made, etc. This data will be key to optimizing the design and content.

Finally, web traffic provides us with information regarding the origin of those visits. There are several possible channels, which we will identify below.

Types of web traffic

Although there are many types of web traffic, some general and others complementary or specific, analyzing the following nine, which are the main and most used, will be enough.

organic traffic

Organic traffic is the number of visitors to your website from a search on Google or any of the other engines, who have clicked on one of the links on the results page.

In this classification, SEO positioning plays a fundamental role, which are the techniques that allow us to optimize the website so that it occupies a better place in the SERP. 

This is why it is not correct to say that organic traffic is free, since it implies an investment of time, resources and maintenance for the process to work effectively.

This type is very valuable and can represent a very significant percentage of visits in the long term, since they are users who are most likely potential customers, since they are interested in the content offered by the page.

direct traffic

Direct traffic refers to the visitors who have reached the website through the URLs. This can happen in different ways, for example, they wrote it directly in the browser bar; they saved the link of the page in their favorites and entered from there; or clicked on the address, which was linked to in an unindexed document or email.

In order not to lose this audience, which is an excellent potential client, it is essential that the URLs of the website are related to the content and clean, as well as being simple and easy to remember. In times of fast-paced daily life, practicality and simplicity are highly valued!

referral traffic

Reference, referred or referral traffic is the one that groups people who enter a web page through a link incorporated into another site, such as a blog or a forum. It is important to be aware of this information, since it allows us to portray digital relevance.

To increase this tool, you can search for active collaborations with other websites, for example, through guest posting or placing the web in directories. But beware! You must take into account the policies on links of Google and other search engines to avoid possible penalties.


email marketing

Another type of web traffic is that from email marketing, which is very easy to measure, since it is obtained through an active campaign through that channel. It is, at the same time, a way of measuring the effectiveness of that strategy.

In this crossed information, the management programs of this type of actions provide a lot of data about what is happening with each of the emails: delivery rate, opening rate, clicks on the links, total clicks, unique clicks, etc. .

To improve the web traffic obtained through email marketing, two good practices are recommended:

  • A/B tests: analyze different variants of the same email to optimize factors such as the subject, the creatives or the time of sending.
  • Automation solutions: implement tools that allow the entire process to be managed more efficiently.

Social networks

Traffic through social networks indicates the number of visitors that reach the website after clicking on a publication that circulates on one of these platforms. In addition to being able to identify the location from which the person entered, if the post was made in a brand profile, it will be possible to deepen the investigation and obtain other data, such as the profile of the anastrozole buy in australia endurance supplements drugs audience and their interactions. 

If the publication was made by a third party, viral traffic can be measured, which is the traffic that results when a significant number of users share the link on their profiles.

paid media

Among the types of web traffic is paid media, which refers to users who arrive at the web page by clicking on a pay-per-click ad published on a social network, such as Facebook Ads.

In addition to knowing the effectiveness of the strategy to attract visitors and the behavior of the audience when they enter the website, the same social ads platforms offer a series of additional data about the campaigns, such as origin, age, gender and public interests.

paid search

Paid search traffic is the traffic that groups users who arrive at the website after clicking on an ad published on Google Ads, YouTube Ads or other similar platforms. These digital advertisements are a very effective way to get short-term traffic and a way to complement organic positioning or SEO strategies. 

To optimize the results, you have to pay close attention and spend a lot of time on three issues:

  • Keyword targeting: is the way in which people find the website.
  • The location where the ad is displayed: For example, Google Ads allows you to place a banner in search results or on third-party sites, launch a campaign on YouTube, among others.
  • The maintenance and optimization of the account: so that the investment of resources is more efficient.

offline traffic

All of the types of web traffic listed above come from digital channels and platforms. However, users can also reach the website through offline sources. To measure this data, there are some web analytics programs, such as Hubspot.

To consider! Carrying out a campaign outside of the digital realm requires a lot of planning, more effort and, generally, a somewhat more expensive investment than in online actions. However, the results are usually much more effective.

other campaigns

As we mentioned earlier, there are many channels through which different types of web traffic can be attracted. Some of them are outside of those mentioned in this note.

In order to filter these visits and attribute them to a specific campaign, what is recommended is to create follow-up links, that is, associate each action with a unique URL redirected to a landing page that makes it possible to individualize users.

What to do with web traffic information?

In conclusion, we can say that the task of identifying, measuring and analyzing the different types of web traffic allows us to obtain certain key information about the website: who are the users who visit it, through which channels they entered, how they behave on the page , etc.

However, all that work will be in vain if we don't know what to do with that data. For example, if most of the visits come from an email marketing strategy, it will be necessary to continue carrying out these actions. On the other hand, if the public that accesses through social networks only remains on the site for a few seconds, the content will have to be optimized so that it is an extension of the source publication.

Nor should we forget that, for some time, search engines offer an answer to any question that the person asks. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out website optimization campaigns to stand out from the competition. 

Not to despair! All these types of web traffic can be worked on and boosted. You have to study and analyze them, because knowledge is power and this information will help you understand what is working or not working for the brand, and thus be able to use that data to your advantage.

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